The HCG Program HCG is available as hormone injections or tablets and combined with a low-calorie diet to both spur weight loss and alter the body’s metabolism. The 30 day program results in an average of 20lbs lost in 30 days. With this program a diet guide instructs each meal for the month.


Appetite Suppressant Program Using perscription appetite suppressants the urge to consume excess callories is greatly reduced and the metabolism receives a boost during this 30 day diet. Average weight loss is 7 to 10 pounds lost per month.

Which Diet is right for me?

Dr Channey will work with you to understand your goals and your medical history and determine the best program for you.  The HCG program requires more dedication but delivers the fastest results (20lb per month)  in the most natural way.  The Phentermine program is very effective as well (10lb per month) but is not for everyone.

Weight Loss Dr Stephen Channey

HCG + Phentermine Diet @ 6 months

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